What is Roulette Game? 

Even when you may not be familiar with casino games you may have seen roulette in films — the round equipment turning around with a small ball rolling. Here we will talk about history of the game briefly and how to play 파워볼사이트 it. 

Brief History of Roulette 

Have you heard of the phrase ‘French Roulette’? As the name states the game originated from France back in 18th century. 

Etymologically, it came from old French word roelete which means ‘little/small wheel’. 

“Roue” in French means ‘wheel’, and lette designates ‘little’. 

It’s roots go as older hoca and portique games. After several changes, what resembled present designed wheel came about 1790s. Roulette became very popular gambling game by 19th century in US and Europe. 

How is it Played in Casino? 

The player will place a bet on the space allocated on the table for placing bets. Nearby is the special wheel with numbers range of 0-36 (or 38 for American variation) but variations exist. Numbers are marked in red and black. Green field indicates zero.

The croupier (the casino employee in charge of the table) will call the players to place the bet. Once the bets are in place, croupier will spin the wheel and then drop the ball towards opposite direction of the wheel. When the ball lands on a pocket the croupier announces the winning number and color. The thrill comes from watching the ball going round the wheel and hoping to settle on your bet. 

It is a banking game, one is playing against the ‘house’. There are several ways to bet by choosing colors (red / black) or numbers (high/low, single or group or odd/even). 

Vocabulary – Types of Bet 

 1. Corner bet : Bet on 4 numbers of corner 

 2. Split bet : Two numbers near the table

 3. Trio bet : Three numbers (1 or 0 included) 

 4. Six line : Two adjacent lines

5. Basket bet : 0, 1, 2, 3 

6. Straight bet : Single number bet

7. Street bet : 3 consecutive numbers on the line 


Be careful not to touch other people’s chips and once bets are closed, only croupier can touch the chips. 

Here we discussed very basics of 파워볼사이트 Roulette. That is all for now. 

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